And again, she dies

Our only book for adults this year is by Asa Marin, the author whose debut novel, The Path of the Wind, buen camino, was published in 2015 and was well received by critics and readers alike.

„Seven weeks ago to the day Þórkatla stood in this very same spot and stared down into the open ground. She received hugs and words of comfort without taking them in. She muttered “thank you” without really meaning it. She glared into the open ground, fixated on the closed coffin which contained the life she once knew. “

Alda has passed away. Her death looks like suicide but those closest to her have difficulty believing she was capable of ever taking her own life. The story weaves together the lives of those people most affected by her death; each of them viewing both her life and her death from a different perspective. And again, she dies is an artfully crafted piece of work with shades of both light and dark.

The way of the wind 
(Vegur vindsins)

VegurVindsins2Where the path of the wind crosses that of the stars.
When Elísa’s world is turned upside down she decides to buy a plane ticket, some hiking shoes and just up sticks and leaves, not telling a soul. She soon finds herself on the border between France and Spain, rucksack on her back clutching a shell and her beloved St Christopher and St James.
On her travels along the Camino de Santiago, she encounters colourful pilgrims, women in aprons and friendly locals. As the path unwinds in front of her, she soon discovers how true the Old Icelandic saying “we each walk the longest road with ourselves” really is.

asa_maren_hafsteinsdottir_1aAbout the author
Ása Marin is a university trained teacher, however she now alternates her time between travelling the world as a travel guide and writing educational material in Icelandic. Having published both short stories and poetry, she decided to try her hand at something new and exciting, like writing novels.