Camille Windmill
(Kamilla Vindmylla) is an Icelandic series by Hilmar Örn Óskarsson, illustrated by Erla María Árnadóttir. Camilla is 11-year old girl who, along with her friends, repeatedly saves the world from terrible threats. The books are hilarious and imaginative and sometimes a bit scary. Ingenious wordplay is a big part of the humour, as the author explores language and how meaning often depends on context, not the words themselves.
As can be seen in the English sample this translates well but requires that translators be imaginative and explore their own language when translating.

Kamilla Vindmylla og vinirLeiðinn

1. Kamilla Vindmylla og svikamillurnarkamilla Vindmilla kapa copy








The books:

In the first book the kids face evil scientist Elias Emil whose greatest wish is to make life as much fun as it was when he was young. His solution is to make everyone behave like children, with funny and sometimes sad, results.
Sample translation available in English

In book two Camilla and her friends face a new thret. Driven by his ambition to be accepted into the Bad Guys Inc., Julius Janus steals Elias Emil’s mind converter. Instead of miking people behave like kids he uses it to leech all the fun out of the world.

Book three was released in October 2014. Camilla faces an old foe who has brought reinforcements to make things extremely unpleasant for our heroine and her friends.

In her latest adventure, all the teenagers around Camilla start to behave very strangely. In fact, they seem to have more in common with zombies or ghosts, hypnotized by their phones and computers. Camilla is quite certain she knows exactly whom to blame but she might be in for a surprise.

About the author

hilmar_oskarsson_a_svhvHilmar Örn Óskarsson was born in Reykjavík 1975. His books about Camille are inspired by his oldest daughter and she, along with his other three children, continues to be an inspiration in his work. He was born and raised in Reykjavík where he also currently resides. He likes movies, music, martial arts and
several other things starting with M. He sometimes talks to himself but maintains that he is having a conversation about plot and such with a pebble he found at the seaside, named David. The pebble’s name is David that is. The seaside is called Þráinn Brjánn …