Doddi: The Book of Truth! by Hildur Knútsdóttir and Þórdís Gísladóttir

Doddi is a refreshing, exciting and extremely funny book for teens by the much awarded authors Hildur Knútsdóttir and Þórdís Gísladóttir. This is their first collaboration.

To the readers of this book:
It can be difficult to find interesting books for teens. Some are way too thick, others too fantastic or they take place in prehistoric times. This book is definitely NOT like that! It’s about my life. I am fourteen years old and have two hobbies/interests; insects and women. My best friend Pawel also has two interests; The European Union and math (I know, right?!).

Doddi is perfect for pre-teens and younger teens with a realistic and funny take on life as an Icelandic teen. Doddi is illustrated by Elín Elísabet Einarsdóttir, with a picture at the start of each chapter and small pictures here and there. The book was nominated bot for The Icelandic Literature Price and Fjöruverðlaunin, the Icelandic Women’s Literature Price.